I was supposed to work at the theater tonight, but I ended up giving the shift away and am soooo happy, because now I have three (count ’em…three!) days where I don’t work at either job.  Luckily those days are full of things I want to/need to do, other wise I’d have absolutely no idea what to do with my free time 🙂

Brian, a coworker from AAA, convinced me to give up my shift with a very simple observation– extra money is nice, but my free time isn’t worthless. In the midst of my eight straight shifts, I’d calculated that I was giving up my entire evening and sentencing myself to work double shifts the next couple days on 4 hours of sleep all for $35-$40 after tax.  While that’s $30-40 per night I didn’t have before, I’d been neglecting to balance that against the opportunity cost of that lost time and sleep (economics minor, why are you failing me now???).  I ended up having to exercise at 6 in the morning (my poor downstairs neighbors….) because not working out for 5 days straight was unacceptable, but the result of this was that I was tired and had less time to do Russian and Japanese.  Not cool.  When you look at it that way, it’s definitely not worth it.   I’m seriously considering quitting after the holidays unless they majorly cut back on my hours so I’m working the promised 2-3 shifts per week instead of twice that…


Anyway, today I have a slew of things to do.  Right now I’m at Starbucks, then I’m going grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning the apartment, working out, and catching up on hockey.  Tomorrow I’m picking up Jake and Syd for an amazing day filled with the St. Louis Science Center, McDonalds (with the playplace, because I am just that awesome of a sister), Arthur Christmas, Monopoly, and whatever else we feel like).  Thursday morning I’m making pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole and then we’re all heading back to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving (my first with them since 2007).  I can’t wait for the good food and family….but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad I’m not going to EK’s 😦


One Response to “Freedom!”

  1. kive87 Says:

    You’re so cute! We missed you too and you should have my mom teach you how to make the stuffing it’s really fun and that’s coming from someone who hates cooking.

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