‘Tis the Season

I am so fully prepared for Christmas this year it’s a little sad.  I did a lot of online shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving, went out last week to finish up (including getting gift cards and everything) and spent some time yesterday wrapping it all (see above).  I still want to get something else for my dad (right now my mom, grandma, aunt, and I went in on a Kindle Fire, but I’d like to get him something from just me) and some chocolate for my mom when it gets closer, but other than that, I’m done.  This has never happened before….now what am I going to do the week before Christmas? 😀 (PS:  if it looks like there aren’t that many gifts, it’s because my friends and I have an unspoken agreement not to exchange xmas or bday presents because we’re all poor….certainly makes my life easier, and then I don’t have to pick and choose which friends I like best or worry about if I’m getting a gift for someone who’s not getting me one or vice versa….)


I must say, Christmas season is making me rather melancholy and “homesick” for NY.  I loved traipsing around the City looking at the dozens of Christmas trees and window decorations, and there’s really nothing prettier than Central Park covered in snow.  It doesn’t help that there’s literally nothing similar in STL.  There is a Christmas tree and some lights downtown, but downtown is not a place you want to be after dark…..  I can’t get up there this year, but I’m hoping for next year (although I can’t decide if I want to go in the summer or wait until the winter, especially when I’m planning on taking that extended trip to Japan in November).  My original plan was to probably not go to NY at all in 2012, but that is quickly becoming not an option….


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