It takes all kinds

When I go to Starbucks I usually want to get away from the world and just relax somewhere that’s not my apartment. It often annoys me when inconsiderate people practically scream into their cell phones or to the people standing/sitting eighteen inches away from them or when stay-at-home mothers bring in their children who would love to be anywhere but here, but sometimes I can’t help but be amused by all the different types of people Starbucks plays host to. Such as:

1.  The three people who inspired this post- the soon to be divorced couple and their therapist going over their assignments for the week.  Very loudly.  So much for patient-doctor confidentiality…..

2.  The regular Gerry (who incidentally lives in the building across from me in my apartment complex) who seems perpetually drunk, belligerent, and ignorant…but who is a favorite here none-the-less.  Luckily we sit on opposite sides of the store.

3.  The pastor and the pupil.  For about a month in the summer a pastor/priest/something would have loud bible study with a 40 year old new convert.  I alternated between annoyed and amused.  Mostly annoyed.

4.  On that same note, a pastor and his “gifted” congregant.  About three weeks ago some woman had about an hour long conversation with her new religious leader about how she felt he and the church were abusing her special connection with god and weren’t showing appropriate appreciation for her gifts.  She kept alluding to be abused even more at the church she left, and how she was hoping his would be different. Oy….

5.  The interviewer/interviewee.  I’m sure they’re trying to keep it casual and help the person relax, but interviews are nerve-wracking enough without all the distractions of a Starbucks, imo…

6.  The hotshot business people.  It changes every week, but there’s always some group of businessmen/women loudly discussing their latest important project, as if the rest of us will not only care, but be impressed.  Hey, whatever gets you through the day and makes you feel you make a difference with what you do…. but I personally prefer to let my actions and work speak for themselves.


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