Writer’s block

I remember when I used to post on here every day or two (no idea what exactly I wrote about since my life has never been what others would consider exciting…). Lately my habit has been to post only on Wednesdays while I’m chilling at Starbucks, but somehow I find myself with even less to write about.  Perhaps it’s because waiting gives me a chance to either forget about or think better of things I would have written about previously….

Really, there were only a few things of note that happened this past week:

1)  I quit my job at the theater. The extra money was nice, but it wasn’t worth the time I was giving up and I didn’t like most of the managers and several of the coworkers, so I didn’t see what I was really gaining from the insanity of two jobs (plus it was messing with my hockey viewing schedule)…. I gave my 2 weeks on November 27th, telling them that my last day would be Sunday, December 11th.  Surprisingly the last day they scheduled me was December 9th, and I can’t say I’m complaining. I felt a little bad that I didn’t tell anyone it was my last shift (except for the scheduling manager of course, who apparently didn’t tell any of the other managers because they were talking as if I would be back the next week and I didn’t bother to correct them…), but I’ll likely never see them again (especially as I prefer the other movie theater down the road), so whatev.

2) Sydney had her Kindergarten Christmas concert last night.  I generally dislike those kinds of events, but she wanted me to be there, and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I felt really old when I saw that my high school bio teacher’s twins, who were born my junior year, were in the program too….can’t believe that in May it’ll be 5 years since I graduated.  Scary.

3) The annual employee meeting was on Monday.  Even though we lost $90 million because of the catastrophes (Joplin and Huntsville tornadoes, hail storms all over the Midwest, etc), we’re all still getting bonuses in March.  Sweet.  And our managers are being forced to reevaluate our holiday work schedule and revise it so we stop getting screwed because the holidays happen to fall on the weekend.  Even sweeter.

4) I read a 520 page book in 3 days because I had two books waiting for pickup at the library, and rather than being rational, turning in the book unread, and checking it out at a later date, I went on a marathon reading spree.  Incidentally, The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley is an amazing book that wouldn’t have let me put it down anyway 🙂


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