Anywhere but here

“Where would we be without our passions to drive us?”


This was the exchange between two characters in a book I recently read, and I find it ringing somewhat true for me.  My passion (one of them, anyway) is traveling.  I have this insatiable wanderlust that always makes me want to be wherever I’m not, and not want to be wherever I am.  That’s not to say I’m miserable, but I am always dreaming of greener pastures somewhere else, especially when I’m stuck in a place like STL with little to do, especially in the winter.  Even NYC couldn’t corral my dreaming.


Next November I’m going to Japan.  I decided this a few months ago.  I planned it so far in advance to give me time to save up both vacation days and money.  But now I’m finding myself more and more excited about my late summer 2013 trip to London, Paris, and Rome.  So excited that I’m tempted to switch the timing of the two.  But then my head reminds my heart that the timing is better the way it is.  But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about my trip in 20 months much more than my one in 11.  In fact, I’m so in love with the idea of a European holiday that if someone offered me the chance to move to London or Paris tomorrow, I don’t think I’d hesitate.


I’m also finding it hard to reconcile myself to no trips between now and next November.  My heart is telling my head that I need to go somewhere.  If not somewhere new then at least back to NY.  But my head is telling my heart that the $500 or so that would be spent on such a trip would be better off saved for the Japan trip.  Then my heart tells my head I have enough money for both, and my head tells my heart that it doesn’t matter and I should save up for a better experience overseas anyway, etc.  Sigh. It’s endless, and it makes me  wonder, is the first sign of insanity having long, drawn out arguments with yourself? If so, I’m on my way over the edge 😉


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