Be careful what you talk about

It’s amazing what people will talk about when they think no one is listening…..  A few weeks ago I wrote about the… interesting people I run into at Starbucks.  Well, the couple who I thought were having an affair were back again today, and I got a little more clarity on their situation….


Apparently the man had been married to this woman who was a lesbian, so they’re divorced now, but I guess he has a new wife because she always texts him when he’s here with “the other woman,” as I shall call her until further evidence proves otherwise.  He has two or three kids, all of whom have serious issues – can’t do well in school or hold a steady job, are depressed, have arthritis and are drawing on disability because she doesn’t feel like getting treatment, etc. Same goes for his sister.

The woman is also newly divorced, but is still listed on her ex-husband’s credit cards, which is why she can’t get a really good rate while refinancing her mortgage.  Her son is in Afghanistan, her sister underwrites low-income mortgages and is having trouble making ends meet, and she loves The Hunger Games (a book series geared towards pre-teens and early teens….it’s like those 40 year old Twi-hards all over again).   She’s also clingy, wanting to know why he didn’t call her the second he got back in town.


They’re both conservative, but claim to be liberal, and they seem very judgmental of anyone who doesn’t agree with exactly what they do- they even squabble with each other over unimportant differences. They both have a woe-is-me martyr-ish outlook on life and seem like it’d be very draining to be friends with either of them.  But maybe they just feed off each other and wouldn’t be so negative apart.


Some people may think it’s rude to eavesdrop, but is it really eavesdropping if I was here first, and they’re talking loudly enough that the only way I could ignore it would be to pop in my headphones?  Just a warning for all of you who think your Starbucks conversations are private….


One Response to “Be careful what you talk about”

  1. thenakedlistener Says:

    I would kill to listen in on a conversation like that.

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