Yet another uneventful week

I seem to have a lot of those…anyway, recap (boring as it is):

1. Mufasa has been with us for a week and nothing’s changed, so I don’t see the little guy staying with us long term.  Sad, but he’ll be happier in a home where he’s not confined to a walk-in closet because he can’t stand the little demon who was there first.  I think I’ll also be happier, because he’s one of those cats that need constant attention (as in, won’t leave me alone for even two seconds) and I’ve been spoiled with aloof Albert who will come lay by me, but won’t impede my ability to do such things like surfing the internet or reading a book.  Sorry Mufasa, you’re a little too high maintenance.

2.  They’re thinking about changing our work schedule…again.  Latest plan I heard was to split us into two groups, have one group work M-F and the other group work Sat-Wed and switch off each month.  Which means that every other month you would either get a four day weekend (if you’re switching from the Sat-Wed to the M-F schedule) or work for 9 days straight….  The 4 day weekend every other month would be nice, as would having a “normal” schedule half the time, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the overall scheme. Oh well, my 18 months hits on October 25th, and on that day I will turn in a time-sensitive demand for a normal schedule.  If they screw me in-between now and then…well, I’ve gotten quite used to that.

3.  My poor coworker Brian.  He’s the designated trainer of the new girl, who none of us can stand.  She worked as a AAA sales agent for 4 years and she just has a horrible attitude about everything.  For one thing, she thinks she’s better than the rest of us because she’s worked at AAA longer (despite the fact that she knows nothing about claims).  For another, she hasn’t figured out that claims is a team-based thing where you help other people out if the need it, not a cut-throat competition (like sales).  And she’s horrible on the phones.  None of us can figure out what she did in the interview to make them think she’d be a good fit….

4.  Yesterday I started watching A Game of Thrones.  I’d tried watching the first episode when it first aired but, for whatever reason, didn’t like it.  Can’t imagine why.  I watched three episodes yesterday afternoon and would have watched another one or two if not for the hockey game.  Seven more to go….

5.  It’s days like today that I’m incredibly jealous of EK in Australia.  It’s rainy, chilly, and just dreary overall.  Yesterday was nice – sunny, 50s–but tomorrow will be snowy and the day after will be freezing.  Is it spring yet?

6.  I made a chocolate chip mug cake for the first time.  It took 5 minutes and was pretty darn good (and not too unhealthy as I cut down on the already low amount of sugar and oil).  A five minute chocolate cake is a very dangerous thing.

7.  For the first time in the couple weeks since I reactivated okcupid, I finally got a message from a guy who I didn’t find horrendously unattractive and who didn’t seem psycho.  He went to NYU and moved back to STL because of family, just like me.  But he’s not very…talkative. Most of his messages have been one or two sentences, and his apparently lack of interest is making me lose mine.  (Yes, I know I’m ultra picky and finicky!  But I think my subconscious has latched onto the idea of meeting someone in grad school, so I’m finding reasons to discount the guys from around here)


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