First of all, can you believe it’s already February?  How time flies…. T-minus 29 days until I’m 23.  But the more important event in March is my performance review and subsequent bonus.  With all the stuff we put up with these past 8-9 months, it’d better be good….

Speaking of work, they finally finalized the schedule that we had thought was already finalized a couple weeks ago.  And in their benevolence they gave us exactly one week to readjust our entire lives….I suppose they figured that was enough time because we had known about the proposed schedule for 3 weeks, even though they kept hemming and hawing until last Sunday…. Oh well, doesn’t make much difference to me.  Now if only my manager would email out the schedule for the year so I can plan my vacations (which she said she would do Monday, but then she spent the whole day freaking out because “teacher’s pet” Katie got a Department of Insurance complaint).  Hopefully it’ll be waiting in my inbox when I return to work tomorrow.

One thing I’ve never been crazy about with work is the “buddy system.”  Basically we all have “buddies” who we’re supposed to cover for when they’re out of the office, and they’re supposed to reciprocate.  We’re supposed to at least check voicemails, and hopefully get to their mail too.  My buddies have been hit and miss.  They’ve usually gotten to my voicemails on at least one of the two days I’m out and have never done my mail, and I reciprocate in kind.  If I come in on Thursday to find that my voicemail was never checked on Wednesday, guess who’s voicemail will get checked on Thursday but not Friday?  Guess who’s mail won’t get worked?  Petty?  Maybe, but I’m all for quid pro quo.  Anyway, my brand new buddy this week is named Brent.  He’s a nice guy, but his files are horrible – every one is a ticking time bomb.  He recently just had literally 90% of his claims transferred to other people because he couldn’t keep up, and he’s already falling behind again. I know he’ll never get to my voicemails, and that’s just fine with me because I’d rather not have to go around fixing every file he “helped” on, but what irks me is that Shelley purposefully paired us together because she knows I’m one of the best (if not the best) on the team as far as managing my workload, and she wants me to “help bring him up.”  AKA, she wants me to do his work for him.  Even though she specifically said that wasn’t what this set up was intended to do, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  I’ll give Brent a couple weeks and the benefit of the doubt, but if things play out like I’m 99% sure they will, I’ll be talking to Shelley by March and letting her know that I don’t need a buddy, and have no desire to be one either, unless I’m getting at least half his salary to do at least half his work.

Oh, and in another cruel twist, there’s a guy named Ryan on the team who used to be a lawyer and who used to do worker’s comp claims.  He started in July and recently had an interview to transfer up to BI, even though he was supposed to be locked in to 18 months with the rest of us.  This wouldn’t bother me if he was good at his job, but his files are time bombs too and Shelley’s had all of us jump in to “help.”  So why is he getting the option of being promoted while me, Brian, and Mark are getting passed over? (To be fair, Shelley did ask if I’d be interested in the position, saying she could throw my name into the hat, but that was only after Ryan already had an interview scheduled.  Too little, too late).


Oh well, no use in getting angry over things I can’t change.  On the bright side, I’m loving the bipolar weather right now.  65 degrees yesterday and already near 50 and sunny today.  Definitely looking forward to another walk in Forest Park, or maybe I’ll head up to Creve Coeur lake.  Decisions, decisions…..


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