Oh the stress

This week was the first week of the new schedule, and it’s been a bit …. grueling, to say the least.  I was off January 31st and February 1st (Tues and Wednesday), worked that Thursday through Saturday, was off Sunday the 5th, and then worked Monday – Friday.  Wednesday was horrible.  I was soooo bored.  Thursday and Friday were marginally better because some estimates started coming in and people were calling back, but there was still almost no point to my being there.  Normal work weeks work for normal adjusters with a normal workload.  Those lucky people get 3-4 new claims every day, and usually cap out at 15-18 per week.  We get at least 15-18 over the weekend, are expected to make first contact and get most stuff done by Monday, and then have the rest of the week to tie up loose ends.  Not quite the same…..  And in a cruel twist of fate, I can’t even enjoy my time off right now because I was first on the list to be “on call” on the weekend.  Since they only have 9 adjusters working weekends this month, they’re terrified it might be too busy, so every weekend one person on the M-F schedule is on call.  Luckily I didn’t get called in yesterday (and knock on wood I won’t get called in today, because Sundays are usually pretty slow), but work is constantly on my mind and I have to plan my whole weekend around it (ex- I couldn’t do my laundry during the day yesterday because I couldn’t just leave it if I did get the call).


To say I’m getting fed up with the “flexibility” required by AAA would be an understatement.  Especially when management is constantly getting on us for not living up to unrealistic expectations (like checking and returning our buddy’s voicemail every 30-60 minutes on days that they’re gone, regardless of the fact that we may, amazingly, have our own phone calls and work to take care of).  I understand that a lot of people are down on our unit and our management gets the brunt of that, but what did the company expect when they put 2 managers with no management experience (and no auto claims handling experience!)  in charge of 16 adjusters with no adjusting experience on a brand new schedule that is a customer-service killer even in markets where they’ve been doing it for years with experienced adjusters?


But….I think I’m going to have to stick it out for a bit longer.  My big plan was to try to get into management consulting once I got accepted into U Chicago, but I’ve done a little research and a lot of the firms hire people with only undergrad degrees for the entry level analyst positions. I had initially decided to spend this weekend applying, but as I learned more about the interview process and read reviews of past interviewees, I came to the painful conclusion that I’m just not ready.  I need a lot more practice in case study interviews and need to brush up on the math I learned in finance again.  It’s hard for me to admit limitations, but I know that if I got an interview next week, I’d blow it.  Instead, I’ll probably spend the next couple months prepping before I apply.  That’ll also give me time to draft a killer cover letter. Not saying I’ll get the job before at least an in-progress MBA shows up on my resume, but I’ll at least be able to give it the old college try with the confidence that I’m as prepared to ace the interview as I’ll ever be.


(Side note: My coworkers and I are always joking that the stress of AAA is aging us, but yesterday I got carded at the mall to make sure I was over 16 since I didn’t have a parental guardian with me…. not sure how I feel about that. It’s one thing to be carded for alcohol, it’s quite another to be carded to make sure I’m at least a sophomore in high school… Makes me think of our family pictures around Christmas where the photographer couldn’t tell who was older: me or my 13 year old brother….)


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