Between our two 15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunch, Brian, Mark, and I probably spend a good 40-45 minutes each day complaining to each other about work.  It’s not that we hate our jobs (claims adjusting is, at the very least, not a boring position) and it’s not that we hate our coworkers (though there are a few we could do without), it’s that we’re completely, blatantly, and openly treated like the bottom rung of the ladder.

Brian and I are the best on Shelley’s team (technically, we’re probably the best of all the 13 other adjusters).  I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying it because it’s true (even Shelley’s told us).  We’re the only two consistently on top of our work managers and if Shelley has a question she’ll come to one of us (usually it’s a question that we should be asking her, not the other way around, but that’s a whole separate issue).  And yet, for being her star employees, she treats us worse than everyone else under the guise of treating everyone equally.

Case in point – she expects us to get into the work managers of 3 under-performing employees on our team (there are only 7 of us…) and literally do their work for them because they can’t handle it.  Approximately 85% of these claims are completely screwed up, requiring literally hours to fix.  And what do we get for this extra headache?  The knowledge that 2 of these 3 employees are making more money than we are…..

What’s worse is that she doesn’t even pretend to care or really acknowledge the extra burden she’s putting on us.  She also doesn’t acknowledge that we’re not all like her — she transferred out here for a 2 year assignment.  She has no family or friends in the area, so work is literally her life.   She doesn’t understand why we want at least 2 weeks notice before schedule changes or why we’re upset that we can’t plan our lives beyond the next month because who knows what the schedule will be like then?  When we raised these concerns in a team meeting, she told us point blank that our lives outside of work didn’t matter, we need to be flexible for the company, the company needs to be our top priority, and if we don’t like it, there’s the door…..

Personally I’m hanging on until I can get a letter of recommendation from her in October, but I know Brian’s looking for an escape right now, and as soon as I get that letter, I’ll be on the market too. I’d always assumed it was common sense that treating your employees like cogs in a machine and overloading your stars without providing a reward or incentive in the name of making your overall unit look good was a recipe for disaster.  Guess I was wrong…..  Maybe she’ll figure it out when we all bolt at the first opportunity.


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