All about customer service….

Changes abound at work, and they’re even more drastic than the frequent schedule changes.  See, AAA is uber-focused on customer service surveys (MSI in company lingo). We reps always get assigned the overall score, regardless of whether the shop or appr or someone who wasn’t us screwed up.  This month, my team received 7 surveys from the few hundred claims we’ve in Texas taken since the beginning of January.  3 were 9s and 10s, 3 were 6-8 (which count the same as zero in AAA’s eyes), and 1 was 1-5.  Since 6-8 are weighted the same as the 1-5, our overall score was pretty pathetic.  So upper management has decided to punish us by taking us off Texas claims and putting us on catastrophe duty (hail, storm, and other mind-numbing claims) for at least a couple of weeks.  Our manager is fearing for her job and we’re all trying to figure out what the deal is.

The thing with MSI is that it’s completely random, which can be good and bad.  Good because random sampling is what you want if your goal is to gather unbiased evidence.  Bad if you have a minimal number of surveys (say…seven out of 300+ claims) because there’s a high probability that the results might be skewed one way or the other.  Last month we were on top in Texas.  This month we’re on the bottom.  But rather than looking at that and realizing that having so few MSI surveys makes the results almost meaningless, management has gone with the knee-jerk reaction of changing the entire direction of our unit and threatening to replace our manager (at least, that’s what we gather from how she was acting). Next month it’s entirely possible that we’ll be on top again.  So are they going to change our direction every month based on single digit surveys?  I know I’m not “experienced” in career terms, but that just seems stupid and counterproductive.

Shelley is also trying to strike fear into us by saying that it could come down to our jobs.  I, for one, am not scared.  I’m good at what I do and I know upper management knows it, so I’m fairly confident that if they did shut down our unit I’d be offered another position.  And a little personal accountability for some of the others would not be a bad thing. Also, California AAA’s weekend team took 5 years to get it right, so I don’t think it’s the type of organization to just completely shut down an entire unit after less than a year.

There’s nothing to do now but wait and see how things play out.  For completely selfish reasons I would like the current structure and management to remain through at least November because of my planned vacations and grad school applications. Though, Shelley does need to learn how to manage people a little better.  At the end of our meeting on Wednesday when she dropped the bomb about all the changes, she handed each of us a folder with the survey(s) we’d personally received so we could see “how we contributed or didn’t contribute.”  I’ve gotten one survey all year.  It was an 8.  Based on that, I’m not contributing.  B.S.


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