Creepy old men….

Since I switched to coming to Starbucks on Sundays, I’ve been forced to deal with two very creepy men who also frequent the cafe on Sunday mornings and always sit on the couch opposite my chair.  One of them creeps me out because I’ve caught him staring at me before, even if I’m not sitting directly across from him.  He’s not attractive at all and, anyway, he’s older than my father.  He has a friend who drops in to talk VERY LOUDLY with him for a couple of hours about things I’d rather not hear about – like Cuba, conservative politics, and his issues with his now-ex-girlfriend.  See, they live together, but they broke up so now they’re just friends with benefits until he moves out in three weeks.  Here’s their conversation:

Original Creepy Guy (OCG): “Maybe your relationship will change for the better once you move out.”

Creepy Guy Friend (CGF): “Nah, I’m looking for someone new and fresh in my life.  And young.”

OCG: “Young?”

CGF: “Yeah, like 20.  20s-30s.”

OCG:  “You’re a dirty old man.  Have I given you Sandra’s number?”

CGF: “Sandra?”

OCG: “Yeah, she’s a friend of mine.  26 or 27 I think.” (At this point he pulls out his phone to show a picture.)

CGF: “Oh, that’s nice.  I love her legs.”

OCG: “Yeah, I know.”  (Then he shows another picture).

CGF: “She’s got a nice body.  Who’s that?”

OCG: “Another of my friends.  I haven’t heard from her in a while.  I’ll see if she’s single and let you know.”

Shudder. I’m seriously debating switching to Saturdays…..


2 Responses to “Creepy old men….”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hahaha now this is my kind of post. More posts about creepy old men conversations please!

    • AD Says:

      Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty more now that I’ve learned that the creepy old guy is there Saturdays AND Sundays…. I just can’t win…. 😉

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