Feeling like a teenager again….

I had to take off work on Wednesday so I could have yet another test done at the hospital.  This test involved a liquid only diet on Tuesday along with pills which made me feel quite sick in the evening.  I can’t understand the people who do liquid only diets – it was not fun at all. Though, that might be because I could only have “clear” liquids like tea, water, and chicken broth.  In other words, no smoothies, no milk, nothing that might actually be construed as good and filling.  After the test I wasn’t allowed to drive, so my parents took me home and I spent the day hanging out with the kids. 

It’s weird how quickly your parent’s home turns into…well, your parent’s home and not yours once you move out.  Especially once Tyler moved into my old room.  When I was in college and that room was still mine, I had no issues coming home and slipping back into a routine (not that I had much choice, since my apartment was in NYC), but on Wednesday all I wanted to do was go home, and in my mind, home was not my parent’s house.  I hadn’t slept much Tuesday night and I had to work on Thursday, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend another sleepless night on the couch in the basement and leave for home at 6:30am to feed Albert and grab lunch stuff.  

I tried in vain to convince my parents to let me drive (it’d been 12 hours since the anesthesia and I felt fine), but they weren’t going for it.  It was beyond frustrating.  I know they were just acting out of love, but I really wanted to scream that I’m 23- I’m an adult and I’m old enough to decide whether or not I’m fine to drive.  And the car is mine, what right do you have to hold my keys hostage like I’m some 16 year old who broke curfew? In the end my mom ended up driving me home with my dad following in a separate car.  It wasn’t ideal for anyone, but even my mom agreed that it was the best solution, because my brother had already been complaining that his video game time would be cut short because I’d want to go to sleep -_-


PS: For those who care, they didn’t find anything during the test.  The new theory is that I had an internal bleed which resolved itself.  Not sure how I feel about that…. On the one hand, it’s def great that there’s no serious ongoing medical issue.  On the other, spontaneous internal bleeding isn’t a comforting idea….

PPS: I just can’t win.  I’m at Starbucks on Saturday this weekend because of Easter, but I guess everyone else switched their schedules too because both creepy guys are here….great….


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