Westward Bound


The worst part of traveling is sitting at the airport waiting to board. I’m actually fairly mellow today- in contrast to the ball of energy and restlessness I was yesterday. But that doesn’t mean I’m not getting antsy, and I’ve still got an hour to go….. Seattle and Vancouver, here I come! And work – don’t even think about creeping into my mind for the next 8 days. I officially forsake you until July (and pity the coworker who tries to text me to complain about the office while I’m gone).

PS: when I get back I’ll have exactly 4 months until I leave for Japan! How time flies 🙂

Of sweet treats, good eats, and busybodies

In contrast with my generally rather sparse social calendar, I’ve been fairly busy the past week.  Last Sunday I met up with Natalie for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  Dinner itself was good, but as anyone who’s ever been to the Cheesecake Factory knows, dinner is really just the thing you have to eat before you indulge in completely unhealthy dessert.  I had the Hershey’s Chocolate cheesecake – which is essentially layers of chocolate cake and chocolate cheesecake with Hershey’s kisses sprinkled on the back.  It was simply devine – especially since, for me, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate 🙂  Afterwards we went to Shakespeare in Forest Park.  It was pretty blah and we left after 20 minutes.  I suppose it would have been better if the rest of the audience hadn’t been drinking and moving around and talking and letting their kids run around yelling….atmosphere is half the show.

Wednesday I met up with Emily in IL.  She was down at her parents’ home prepping to leave for Greece the next day (sooo jealous of the destination, not so jealous of the timing….. hope she’s not caught in any riots if/when the Greek economy collapses!) We ate at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place which, while pretty good for the price, definitely didn’t measure up to the hole-in-the-wall Mexican place in E’ville known as La Fonda’s.  But then, it’s hard to compete with the best.  After dinner I hung out at her house and caught up with her and her parents for a little bit before heading home.  I still can’t believe that she and Zach are moving in together literally the day after she gets back.  Can you say GIANT step?  Of course, it seems much smaller when you consider that during our chat session I learned that a few of our high school friends are pregnant.  Reminds me of a saying I heard once:  “You know you’re getting old when your friends start having kids on purpose….”

Yesterday my immediate family, grandma, and I had lunch at Golden Corral.  It’s a buffet-style restaurant and, once again, dessert was the best course.  I drove my grandma there and along the way she decided to pass on some advice after asking about my upcoming trip to Japan (which apparently the kids had told her about, as I hadn’t mentioned it because she’s a perpetual fretter).  The advice was this:  travel and do things you want to do when you’re young, because you won’t even notice when it starts, but one day everything you like will change and you won’t feel like doing anything excepting regretting all the things you didn’t do……  Well, that’s one way of looking at it…. I agree with doing as much as you can while you can (as in, before your body gets too old to do it), but the rest of it’s a rather bleak way of living.  As my mother so succinctly put it when I relayed the story to her later: “That doesn’t happen to everybody.  That’s called clinical depression.”  Whew – good to know that my life’s not just suddenly going to become pointless and not worth living simply because I got a little older 🙂

Oh, and on the subject of getting older, apparently my godmother’s mother keeps bugging my mom about when I’m going to find a husband and get married.  I’m not getting any younger, you know.  At 23 I might as well just accept my perpetual spinsterhood 😀

13 days and counting…..

Wow- didn’t realized I hadn’t blogged since May 28th.  Not that anything exciting has happened, but usually I at least write a blurb about how nothing exciting is happening 😉  Work is going to be glorious this week because the she-devil (aka Shelley) is on vacation (again).  She left without giving any of us real instructions on what to do and she kept the other managers out of the loop too, so while several of us know what we should be doing in order to make the catastrophe go away, we’ve made the passive-aggressive decision to not do much beyond answering the phones and various other tasks she had delegated before. The estimates aren’t getting paid, but when I pointed that out to her last week she specifically told me not to pay them because California and Texas were going to pay them, and who am I to go against her orders? That would be insubordination 😀

This month is mostly a countdown to vacation for me – in 13 days I’m flying to Seattle!  It cannot come soon enough. But before that I’m heading to the Cheesecake Factory with Natalie tonight (my treat in exchange for her cat-sitting while I’m gone- quite a bargain), doing lunch with the family on Saturday for grandma’s birthday/Father’s Day, and taking next Monday off work to hit Six Flags with my parents and sibs.  When I get back from Seattle/Vancouver on July 1st I’ll only have 12 days until the family and I spend a long weekend at Taste of Chicago.  Sadly my life will then go back to counting down until November 1st, but at least the next month or so has a lot to look forward to.

PS: Speaking of something to look forward to, True Blood’s back tonight!  Perfect timing, since I was bummed about Game of Thrones ending last week (and Mad Men tonight and Borgias next week…. 😦 )