Family Time

Last weekend I headed up to Taste of Chicago with my family – our first family vacation since Disney in December 2010 (it’s prohibitively expensive to travel with 6 people, and with my dad being laid off and then finding a job that pays about half what he used to make, vacations are shorter and farther between).  We took the train up early Friday morning. It was a grueling 5.5 hour journey for the kids, but they managed to behave themselves fairly well.  After getting to the hotel, eating lunch, and waiting for a brief afternoon thunderstorm to pass, we spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening at Navy Pier.  We also went on an architectural riverboat tour.  Chicago’s no NYC, but I must admit that the downtown area is very pretty.  The tour even featured my (hopefully) future school:

Note the lack of windows on the left-hand side – that’s where all the classrooms are. Apparently the architects thought windows overlooking the river would be too distracting.  They were probably right…

The next day was spent at Shedd Aquarium, the next at the Field Museum and Taste of Chicago.  It was nothing I hadn’t done before (except for Taste of Chicago, which was just a whole lot of food vendors set up in the park), but, then, the trip wasn’t really for me, it was for the little kids.  They had fun, and that was the most important part.  The train ride home was much better than the train ride up.  We ate dinner on the train, then I played cards with the two youngest kids in the dining car for a little over an hour, and then they changed into PJs and slept for the last three, which gave me time to bond with my eldest brother for a little bit.  Depending on my money situation, I think I want to take him with me to Europe in 2014 for his 16th b-day.  He’s really into WWII, so I figured we could go to Munich and Berlin for him, and Amsterdam for me.  It all depends on my vacation time and salary, but I really, really want to make it happen, so here’s hoping 🙂



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