All in how you look at it

Even though things are looking up at AAA in terms of my schedule, I’m still really restless to get out.  For my first year of employment, I gave my all for AAA.  I went above and beyond – taking on the workloads of other people with no (outward) complaints, coming in early, etc.  I was really happy to work there and planned on probably staying for 2-3 years before even thinking about grad school.  But then the catastrophe hit and all that good will disappeared.  It’s not about the long hours or extra work, it’s about how we were treated.  Like we were ingrates if we didn’t relish the chance to work 60-70+ hour weeks.  Like we should have been throwing ourselves at their feet in gratitude for the opportunity.  And heaven forbid we say anything that wasn’t to the tone of “I love AAA” or ask for clarification of any kind.  Shelley was a big part of that, but I know upper management was involved as well, which is one major reason why switching managers is not going to bring that good will back.

Hanging out with Brian every day certainly hasn’t been helping – he got even more screwed over than me and is actively interviewing for other positions.  He tells me I should do the same.  Whenever I bring up my extended vacation, he states that if an employer really wants me, they’ll work with that.  Maybe he’s right, but something inside is telling me that the timing’s not right. I need to wait until I get back from Japan.  I’m leaving in just under 3 months, and, really, what’s 3 months? (Maybe if I keep repeating that, I’ll eventually start to believe it….)

Anyway, to keep my sanity I decided to splurge on a $2 white board and make a list of all the important things happening to me between now and my return from Japan.  Suddenly, 3 months doesn’t seem like long at all, because I’ve got a whole lot to do!  Those “ARM” exams are for the Associate in Risk Management designation that I’m currently self-studying (and being reimbursed by AAA) for.  I don’t know if it’ll help me get a job in the risk management field, but it’ll at least look good on a resume.  And it keeps me busy. I hadn’t really sat down and planned out how long it’d take me to do each course, so I was hoping to be finished by around mid-December, so imagine how excited I am to know I can be done before November!  That means I can start looking for another job as soon as I get back rather than putting it off a month while I finish up.  Now here’s hoping it doesn’t take me months and months to find one….

PS:  Can’t resist a shout-out to the US Girls Gymnastics Team and the All-Around Gold Medalist Gabby D! Gymnastics is pretty much the only sport I follow in the summer Olympics, and it’s only that much better when an American takes home top prize 🙂


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