Wow, is it the middle of September already??? That means one thing: time for me to start my annual holiday countdown!  Except this year I also have a lot of non-holiday-related important events to look forward to as well.  So, without further ado, here we go:

-5 days until I can order the iPhone 5 (9/21)

-12 days until the Booth application is available!  Both my references have agreed to write me letters and my essays are finished, so now it’s just a waiting game (9/28)

-26 days until Brian’s wedding (10/12)

-34 days until ARM 56- the third and final exam for my ARM designation (I just passed the second one yesterday!) (10/20)

-45 days until Halloween!

-46 days until I leave for Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11/1)

-67 days until Thanksgiving!

-100 days until Christmas!!!!!!!

I would have included the start of the NHL season on my list, but unfortunately the children couldn’t play nice and now there’ll be a lockout…….oh well, it’s just one blemish on an otherwise amazing fall 🙂


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