List 5

While in Barnes and Noble this morning, I came across a journal called “List Your Self.”  Each day comes with a prompt asking you to make a list of something.  The purpose is to get to really know yourself.  I like to think I know myself fairly well, but I could use something to revitalize my blog (whenever I’m not traveling, it’s tres boring), and it couldn’t hurt to reevaluate the things I think I know.  I’ve decided to pare down most of the prompts to a “list 5” rather than a “list all.” Not sure how long this’ll last – for the first couple weeks it should be no problem to post something every day, but then we’ll just have to see how it goes.

First prompt:  List 5 things you love about being a human being

1. The ability to reason, create, imagine, learn, and love.  The human brain’s an amazing thing.

2.  Opposable thumbs.

3.  Our social bonds.

4. Our endless curiosity.

5. Our body’s ability to constantly push our limits.


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