List your 5 greatest fears

1. Being alone.  Not so much physically alone as socially alone.  I’m scared of what life would be like if I lost touch with my friends and family and had no one to turn to.  Not likely, but still a scary prospect.

2. Getting old.  I hope I age gracefully, and I’m doing all I can to increase the likelihood of that, but who isn’t terrified of losing their mobility and/or their mind? It doesn’t help that all you can really do is wait and see what happens….

3. Missing out on life.  The world is filled with negative people and it’s a constant battle not to get dragged down and forget my plans and dreams. I love life and believe you only live once, so the idea of wasting my live is not a happy thought.

4. Losing myself.  You’ve all seen her – the girl who fell in love with a boy and forgot she once had her own life, and her own dreams, that didn’t revolve around him.  That girl will NOT be me.

5. Snakes. Don’t judge me.


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