Well, *that* was short-lived….

When I went to Barnes & Noble this morning I tried to find the “List Your Self” journal to get my next set of “List 5” topics for the coming week, only to find that the journal was no longer there….so I guess that project’s over before it even got started…oh, well.  On the plus side, I did find this book, which I feel like I should buy, since it captures my mindset so well:


And while I was at the library feeding my newly-revived Shakespeare kick (I’ve ready Macbeth, Twelfth Night, and Henry IV Part I all in the past week…) I was told that this book wasn’t in the system for whatever reason, so it is now mine for keeps.  Sweet 🙂


Not much other news in my life.  I’m anxiously awaiting my iPhone 5 and in preparation have cleaned a lot of junk off my current phone.  My contact list has been pared down, old voicemails deleted, old text conversations with people I never text anymore gone.  I also got rid of all traces of Marc in both my phone and my email.  The last time I spoke to him was Labor Day Weekend 2011.  I kept his # at first because if he texted me randomly (as he was prone to doing) I wanted to know it was him, so I could ignore it.  I kept his texts and emails to motivate me to keep away if I ever felt myself missing his friendship.  And also for the amusement of posterity.  But, you know, there’s really no point in keeping it.  It’s just baggage, and I’m plenty ready to get rid of all that. Besides, I kept a record of the juiciest stuff on my blog anyway ;D


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