Strange Things

Life’s been surprisingly busy the past couple of weeks, and one major change has involved my (now-former) coworker Brian. His last day was Wednesday, so the Original Six went out for a long lunch at Steak n Shake, just like we had months and months and months ago.

(This photo was taken by a Samsung Galaxy, hence the quality. Smh, Brian, this is why you need an iPhone)

Two days later, Brian got married….

The food was great, the friends were great, and, most importantly, I’ve never seen a happier bride and groom. It’s obvious how in love they are and I wish them all the best. It’s going to be bittersweet tomorrow, when I’m at work and Brian’s not….and never will be again. Just more motivation for me to get out of there.  You go get ’em at Geico Brian! (After you have an amazing honeymoon in DR, of course) 🙂


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