Putting on a show

This is my brother’s first year in high school band.  And let me tell you, band in E’ville is serious business.  Guess how much money they had in their fundraising account at the beginning of the year, before any additional fundraising.  Just guess.  $56,000.  Nope, that’s not a typo.  See, in E’ville we’re….well, rich, for lack of a better word, especially in comparison to the rest of the non-Chicagoland schools.  And we have never been afraid to show it off.  Yesterday I drove up to Effingham with my mom to watch a band competition.  While the rest of the groups simply did their little marching exhibition, we put on a full fledged show, props and all.  Our theme?  Terminator. It started with a screaming girl getting dragged through a door to be “assimilated,” and included smoke, a singer, light up uniforms/instruments, and a giant terminator head.  And in the end, they all fell down dead, of course.  Sorry for the bad quality of the pics; iPhone + lots of movement + lights + having to use zoom + people’s heads in front of me = less than stellar results.

We had to leave before the awards ceremony, but I just checked the website, and all the money and neurotic preparation paid off.  They won:

1st in Percussion
1st in Color Guard
1st in Music
2nd Place Drum Major
1st Place Band and
Grand Champion at the Effingham Marching Hearts Invitational this past weekend.

Oh, and lest we forget we’re in the middle of WASPy IL, let this giant cross remind you that Jesus is always watching:



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