Tokyo Day 2

Day 2 started with a morning walk over to Ueno Park togo to the Tokyo National Musuem


I then headed east to Sensoji Shrine

Next up was the Imperial Palace east garden (the actual imperial palace complex is off limits for 363 days a year)


Funny story: when I was at Nijubashi (the bridge pictured above) I was approached by 2 young boys doing some kind of school project.  It must have been an “interview a foreigner” assignment to help with their English.  We talked for about 5 minutes, they told me about the most popular manga in Japan and about their currency, asked me what kind of currency we used in my country, and then gave me an itty-bitty snowman shaped bell and a coin to donate at a Shinto shrine.  They were super cute and polite 🙂


After the garden, I walked through the Marunouchi and Nihombashi districts up to Akihibara.



The place where all distance to/from Tokyo is measured


Food of the Day

Hot Cocoa – Not as sweet as expected


“Veggie” Tempura, which actually came with shrimp. My first time eating with chopsticks in months. I learned by necessity 😉





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