Day 4- Kyoto

After an uncomfortable night on a bus (albeit a bus with reclining seats, foot rests, cushioned seats, and a half shade to go over your head to block out light), I arrived in Kyoto. After checking into the ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn)…

…I went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine.  If you’ve ever seen Memoirs of a Geisha, this is the shrine with all the orange torii gates that she runs through after meeting the Chairman for the first time.  It was gorgeous, though a little out of the way on a mountain south of the main city.


I’ll be the first to admit that I hadn’t been exactly kind to my body for the first few days of my trip.  Walking around for miles and miles and hours and hours each day isn’t easy, especially if you’re not used to it.  Sure I work out every day, but there’s a difference between working out for 45-60 minutes and walking for 10-12 hours straight. Combine that with sitting on a bus all night and not having any time to stretch or relax and it’s bad news.  About half way back down the mountain, my hip decided that it was just done with this and I spent the rest of the day limping around in pain.  Not so much fun…..


I spent the rest of the morning buying copious amounts of souvenirs for my family and walking around Gion (the geisha district) before heading back to the hostel around 5 for a much-needed recovery.  On my way back I was stopped by a guy maybe a couple years younger than me wanting to take a picture together.  Gotta love being one of the few foreigners in a country 😉



Food of the Day


This was the other day I “cheated.” I was starving and couldn’t find anything else reasonable and decent looking, so all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta buffet it was

Green tea soy milk bubble tea – Yummmmm 🙂


No idea what this cookie was – it was in my hotel room. I think it was a rice-based sugar cookie thing

I also tried some cold green tea from a vending machine which was so disgusting that I apparently didn’t even take a picture of it.




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