My Sister- The Future Con Artist

While celebrating my mom’s birthday at the Cheesecake Factory (which was, as always, sinfully delicious), she shared a story which left us both proud and a little bit scared.


My sister is a 6 year old first grader.  Yesterday she got caught standing on the sinks in the school bathroom and jumping off.  She had recruited two of her friends to join her. She’s no follower, that kid, she’s the ringleader.  After a 1st grader and kindergartener told on her, she was sent to the principal’s office, where she proceeded to deny the entire thing until the witnesses were brought into the room. She then came clean and was given a referral slip, which she was to give to mom or dad to sign.


Fast forward to 8pm last night – Mom is listening to the messages on her cell phone, something she rarely does.  She has a voicemail from the principal.  She turns to my dad to ask him if he knew about this and had signed the referral.  He knew nothing even though he’d gone through her school folder that day.  They enter the kitchen…and find the referral in the recycling bin. Looking at her planner (which mom and dad are supposed to initial every day), they found that she had forged their initials – supposedly in the hopes that they wouldn’t see the page with “referral” written on it.  Mom was livid. It was on.


Mom called sis upstairs and gave her a long talking to, while Dad sympathetically watched (this was his little baby, after all). It ended with her writing an apology to the principal and being grounded for a week.


While we are strangely proud of her ingenuity, it’s a scary premonition of things to come.  Mom said the kid didn’t know the referral had to be signed, but if she had there was no doubt she would have forged that too.  If mom hadn’t listened to her voicemail (a completely out of character move), no one would have ever known. And, according to mom, sis didn’t even really understand what she’d done, this was all just instinct.  Kid’s got some intelligence.  Scary intelligence….. Can’t wait until she’s a teenager and her plots are deliberate 😉


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