A strange thing happens when life is good: there’s much less to write about. At least, that’s what’s happened in my case. I follow the same routine most every day: wake up, eat breakfast, exercise, study Russian, work, come home and do a little more Russian, eat dinner, read/watch hockey/hang out with friends/do whatever, sleep, repeat. Nothing life shattering.


Not to say I don’t have complaints, I just try to let them drift away, rather than memorializing them. And for the first time in a long time, the majority of my complaints are not directly related to my job. I like my job and I love my company. Not to lock myself in to anything, but I could see pursuing a career here. Probably not in claims, but possibly in management. I’ve become even more of a mentor to CW now that I’ve left AAA than I was when I was her actual trainer/mentor there. We meet about once a week to get dinner and watch GoT. Most of the time is spent listening to her complaining about AAA (while I can sympathize, the reason that I left AAA was so that I could stop complaining about AAA) and despairing of the future. She bounces ideas off me and asks my advice on work and life choices. It’s an interesting dynamic, and she’s quite amusing and fun when I can get her away from the AAA rants.


My biggest challenge right now is patience. I want to get my MBA pronto, but the top schools want work experience, so I’ll be applying in December 2014 to enroll in the Fall 2015 semester. My top schools are UChicago and UC Berkeley. Boston U is my fallback-yet-still-very-highly-ranked school. It seems so far away, but I’ll have my SCLA and CPCU designations to keep me busy in the meantime (and the company is going to fly me and a guest to Hawaii for the 2016 conferment when I finish the CPCU!). I’ve also ramped up my Russian studies. Clearly, I am not one of those people who love having lots of free time. I get bored easily.


I’m also planning my next trips. June 2014 – Italy (Rome, Florence/Pisa, Venice) and Germany (Hamburg and Berlin) with my brother; Spring 2015 – Vietnam (Halong Bay), Bangkok, and Singapore. Summer 2016 – China with whatever MBA program I’m enrolled in. I haven’t told my parents about the 2015 trip yet because they will not be fans at all, and there’s no point in worrying them if things might change.


After 6 weeks of not blogging – that’s really all I’ve got. Kind of sad, but good in it’s own way. I’d rather have a pleasant, yet slightly boring, daily existence punctuated by exciting trips and friendships than a roller coaster filled with more than it’s fair share of despair.