Day 4- Naples

My brother and I are both what you would call “speed-tourists.” We take in a lot, but we tend not to linger. Which is why after 3 days in Rome, we’d checked off most of the items on our list and decided to take a day trip. Initially we wanted to go to Florence and Pisa, but the train tickets were excessively expensive. Tickets to Naples, on the other hand, were quite cheap, so Naples it was.

The train ride was around 2.5 hours through gorgeous countryside. After stepping out of the train station, we bought some sweet sfogliatella to tide us over until lunch.


Guidebook in hand, we then attempted to find our way to the famous sites. We quickly discovered that Naples is nearly unnavigable. It is hands-down the most confusing city I’ve ever visited. It’s also tiny. And yet, neither of us could make heads or tails of the map in the guidebook. We ended up just wandering. Eventually we found a main church and haphazardly got our bearings.




Naples was…interesting. We’re glad we went, but neither of us was very impressed. The city is quite run down in many places. “Ghetto” is the word my brother used. Nevertheless, the authentic pizza we ate for lunch was cheap and delicious. Afterwards we cruised around the main museum and fruitlessly tried to find the sea (we eventually gave up, defeated by the tiny metropolis), before returning to the train station to catch a ride back to Rome.





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