Day 7 – Venice

We spent our second and final day in Venice exploring the various alleyways and canals of the city. We started the day with fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice from the amazing farmers’ market next to the Rialto before making our way to a surprisingly large and interesting natural history museum. We also checked a couple of art museums off our list before heading back to St Mark’s Square for souvenir shopping. Before I even left the US, I was intent on buying a Carnival mask, but these turned out to be unwieldy and even a bit ugly, so I settled on a Murano glass necklace instead.

IMG_1514 IMG_1516 IMG_1519

Bags in hand, we took the crowded water bus through the entire Grand Canal from St Mark’s to the train station and waited for our night train to Paris. We decided against hiring a gondola as the prices were exorbitant (approximately $100 USD for half an hour) and from the bridges it appeared that at least half of those 30 minutes were spent floating in a line of gondolas.

IMG_1530 IMG_1532

For a snack we had our last real Italian gelato. Lunch and dinner were quiet affairs at the station.

IMG_1517IMG_1529 IMG_1543


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