Day 11- Normandy

Thankfully, it was better. This was the day Tyler had been looking forward to since we left. This was the day of the D-day beach tour. We ate a surprisingly good breakfast at the hotel. It was the first time I’d had tea since we left the US and we both ate way too much French bread. We met our guide at the D-day museum along with the other two people who would be touring with us – a couple from Ireland in our case.


We piled into a van and headed to the coast. Our stops included Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the American War Cemetery of Colleville-Sur-Mer, the German Battery of Longues-Sur-Mer, and the artificial harbor of Arromanches.

Pont D'HocOmaha IMG_1649 IMG_1666

We spent the afternoon touring the D-Day Memorial Museum before catching the late afternoon train, arriving in Paris in time for dinner.


Breakfast- Hotel Buffet

Lunch – Caesar salad

Snack – giant chocolate macaroon

Dinner- Lebanese falafel with cheese pitas

IMG_1606 IMG_1673 IMG_1674 Falafel and goat cheese pitas


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